Cassidy Silver stone


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All my life, I’ve loved to read mysteries. Nancy Drew and her adventures were my inspiration. From travelling on trains to performing on TV shows, her life has been nothing but a constant mystery packed with fun memories and that’s what I have always wanted.Reading is an escape from this world and when I started, I wanted everyone to read. I even joined a book club when I was in 3d grade. It was an amazing experience with a lot of friends, restaurant visits and book conversations. But what I really wanted, was for my brother to read a book. At first, it was the spy novels ranging from books that I liked from the Barnes and Noble website to random books picked up from my kindle. As we both watched spy movies like Johnny English and shows like KC undercover, a spy’s active life intrigued me and slowly a novel started forming in my head.It started in 6th grade. After a visit from an author from the Jaipur Literature Festival, I pulled out my special notebook and jotted down 2 pages of a story with my red pen. Grabbing the name from one of favorite books, that was the day Cassidy was born.Clearly I had no idea what I was doing. By seventh grade, I had written about a whole 28 pages! Reading the novel to my friends in the middle of classes, I was constantly getting excited by the thought of it being published. With school and friendships, Cassidy slowly faded away. Nancy Drew and other mystery novels like 13 envelopes entered into my life and for a while, I put my special notebook away in the drawer waiting for the right moment to continue. Days, months and years passed by and Cassidy became a goal I was waiting to achieve. Then, one day, during my boards, my teacher told me a story. Time has, was and is always a commodity for me and here, she was discussing the end of it all: death. With my dog dying, her story about her friend passing away on the highway on her bike and just reading about death, I decided it was time to finish my biggest goal: Write Cassidy Silver stone. The next month was one of the most intense months of my life. Spending an hour writing nearly 4 pages a day, I was done. I’d completed Cassidy Silver stone! My first Novel. Now that I think back, to Zendaya, Totally spies and all those mystery, writing, adventure books that I have read, Cassidy became an adventure, a journey to create the story of my dreams and make it come true.

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