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Messiah is a story of a young village girl "Seema" who dares to challenge the stereotype in an era when no girl in her village steps out of her home without the permission of her father or the " men" at home. As Seema's father falls ill and is suspected of deadly illness by the village doctors , the burden of the home falls on her little shoulders indirectly as she has no siblings. Seema immensely loves her father therefore she goes out of the way for his treatment and in this journey she meets Dr Aditya. Seema's father is the only one who believes in her dreams and is of the view that Dr Aditya is the only person who can help her achieve her dreams , on the other hand Aditya falls for Seema but does not express himself as he fears that he might lose her friendship but is finally compelled to marry her due the circumstances. The questions that arise in the novel are "will society accept a relationship which has vast difference not just in age but the different backgrounds they belong to as well"Is Aditya "Messiah " of Seema's life or is Seema the Messiah of Aditya's life who completes his life and ambitions.

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